Rewild your life,
Realign with the seasons,
Reconnect with the land, with yourself, and with others.

Folk + Field is a coming-together of people and place; a home for wildhearted wanderers and seekers of slow. Founded by two friends with a shared love of nature and a belief in the magic of connection, it’s a community for those who long for a simple life inspired by the natural world.

Whether you’ve just set out on your slow and seasonal journey or have been travelling this path for a while, here you’ll find a host of like-minded friends to walk beside you. Join us for one of our nurturing weekend retreats, learn more about working seasonally with our signature course, or become a fully-fledged member to enjoy our beautiful printed journal, twice-yearly meet-ups, online workshops and much more besides.

At Folk + Field, we strive to honour the human-nature relationship by embracing the idea that we’re just as much a part of our environment as it’s a part of us. If we choose to look beyond the walls we’ve built for ourselves and consciously engage with the world beyond, we know there’s beauty and wonder to be found.

We believe it’s possible to rewild our lives, realign with the seasons, and reconnect with the land, with ourselves, and with each other.

Will you join us?

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Other than two friends who’ve both lived in a tent for a year and would most likely fight over the last slice of chocolate cake, who are Folk + Field?


Maddy is a coach for creative women seeking slower, more purposeful lives. She lives in a Victorian townhouse in North Oxfordshire, but dreams of moving somewhere rugged and wild. When Maddy’s not working on Folk + Field you’ll find her over at A Slow Adventure, or tucked away in the library researching for her masters degree. She’s forever longing for autumn and loves woolly jumpers, rainy days, cosy gatherings, and Earl Grey tea.


Eleanor is a writer, editor, designer and independent publisher at Creative Countryside. Home is a four acre smallholding in the Lincolnshire Wolds, where she spends her days running after her two-year-old son and writing a book about her experience of living in a tent for twelve months. She also loves strong coffee, lino-cut prints, the call of the yellowhammer, and eating by candlelight.